Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catch the Wave, Brah

Bringing back the old days of Indie Night, when Ronnie and John Upton ruled it for years. Both very solid dudes and did a very good job of keeping the crowd moving.  They've moved on and a newer crowd of people are around. So, the OGs of Secret Dance Night need to come back and school the new kids! 18 and up!! Dollar PBRs all night to get your boogie back. I've got all the Rapture-esque tracks for you. You just gotta bring your dance game!

Friday, April 18, 2008



Art Show tonight at ELM AND OAK. Thats 852 W 44th Street in Norfolk if you've been living in a cave. I was watching the setup and it looked pretty dope. Defpotec has got some ill pieces. Definately worth checking out... Bring your checkbook... Its 6pm-9pm... ALSO, there is an afterparty:

This is the afterparty. But really it's Sean Grimes' birthday bash! If you know about the long-running Substance dance party @ the New Belmont, then you know it wouldn't be poppin' without Seans hard work and dedication... So its only fair that we get him shitfaced and play hardcore party jams all night long... Substance resident DJ's will play till midnight, then its a Deejay Tanner + Baby Grizz tag team dj set from midnight till 2am... We're throwing out everything from Miami Bass to Drum N'Bass with a little side of Bmore and Thug House... $3 at the door...


Oh hells yes! Ceremony is so proper these days.
Ed Dudes will kill it,
Ced Hughes will murder it,
DJ Peoples Champion will slaughter it.


RSVP and get there by 11 for cheap admission. But seriously, this shit will be well worth the money. Strap on your dancefloor gear and get loose.

(Fun Fact: Ed Dudes rhymes with Ced Hughes)


My homies over at Mookapalooza are throwing a dance party out at Keagans at the Va Beach Hilltop.. Crazy drink specials + Prime Location + DJ Forte = A great way to wrap up the weekend...

There's also an Art Exhibit of works by underprivileged kids going on near the ODU campus on Sunday.. If you stop by the Defpotec artshow, there should be more information about it there...

I think that covers it... Just want to say thank you for all the heads that came out to CRUSH GROOVE at the Boars Nest w/ JCDC and me.. Shit was a blast, except maybe for the huge street brawl that erupted at the end of the night... but i think HO-TARP already covered that.... haha. GET GUTTER!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crush Groove Video

H.T.$. and i threw this together. Grab it and do what you will with it. Fun video with everyone in it...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Critical Sass

A long time friend, Tom Tarpey, has given me the heads up about the first Cirtical Sass of 2008. What is Critical Sass? No, it isn't a dance party or anything of that essence. But, it is still an amazing, fun night full of shenanigans and good buds. In the past years, we've met up at the Dairy Queen parking lot on Colley Avenue, Norfolk. Then, we bike around the ins and outs of Norfolk. The veterans are always present, but new attendees are always welcome. The last ride we had consisted of over 100 bikers. Let's crush that record and make it crazy! As stated before, get your bikes ready and saddle up fools!!

P.S. We tend to end up at Cruzers in Norfolk afterwards for some sweaty karaoke. The place is 21+ so bring your IDs or you can't come!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Repercussions of Crush Grooving

So....HOLY SHIT! Crush Groove was fucking ridiculously awesome! Why? Because the area's most illest party people came to get down! People came from near and far which was dope! Grizz Le Beast set off the night and brought the Boar's Nest them jams they've been yearning for. Talk about a dope set! And I can't give enough props to Jae for doing an amazing job on the flier that got a lot of people in there! And yes, there were lots of photos taken that night. But, if you want some real legit photography, you need to find yourself in the shots taken by Howard Tarpey. The link for all of them are in his blog, But for now, just some preview shots...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crush Groove

This night is also Howard Tarpey's OFFICIAL welcome home party. I've heard people say they haven't seen him since his return and have heard Tarpey himself say, "yeah, I haven't seen (insert person's name here) since I left dude." Sooooo, if you haven't made time to hang with this dude, now is the time. He'll be there Saturday with all the other legit people in this area. Come out and crush tits!

April 12th
Crush Groove
JC/DC + Smedium
@ Boar's Nest (ODU)
4502 Monarch Way
21+ $3
You know the deal.
Spread that word.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008